A 23,000 years old figurine was discovered in Romania.

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On august 22, 2015, in Poiana Ciresului, it was discovered the oldest figurine from Romania and South-Eastern Europe, which is 23,000 years old.
It really is a great unique discovery, a dedicated effort of Professor Marin Cârciumaru, the chief’s supervisor, dr. Elena Nitu and the whole team of archaeologists who have studied this archaeological site.

On the eurasiatic territories, such representations are known as Venus sites Gravettian, because most have been released by layers of culture assigned to the culture Gravettian, as it happens, by the way, in Poiana Ciresului – Piatra Neamt.Preserving only the lower body is probably not accidentally, because this option can have even deeper symbolic meanings, which they try to decipher by subsequent studies.

Also, excavations from Poiana Ciresului unearthed few engraved bones, for the first time in Gravetian layer I, older than 20,000 years and a perforated snail shell. As an absolute novelty is the discovery of the first beads Dentalium older than 10,000 years in Romania, being recovered from the same layer I Gravetian

Archaeologist Marian Cârciumaru says that from now on, any work of art history in Romania should begin on the sculpture section, this statue.

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