The history of crop circles 1994-2000. Video!

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Crop Circles – speech

It all began in the 17th century in England. At that time, he spreads the story about the devil cutting deck corn circles. But people are afraid and prefer to nezapodievali these phenomenons. Known is also the case when the priest saw how his father is walking across the field, where they were shown scenes and came to believe that his father is affiliated with the devil and in order to save his soul him publicly executed.


For the first time the modern world began to be interested in them in 1980, when the three rings appeared on an English farm near Stonehengeu. However, the situation soon calmed down, because scientists believed that the rings formed proponents of druids and not fail to mysticism Stonehengeu.

But the situation was repeated 10 years later, when the corn fields throughout England, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia (Bratislava, Trnava), USA, Canada, Australia and even in Japan the rice fields during one night appeared more than 700 images, which were complex and had impressive dimensions (the largest had a diameter of 300 m).

There has already begun to emerge number of hypotheses about the origin of these images. And they took the scientists of the najnezmyselnejšej: apparently they can cause such animals. hedgehogs and rabbits, large hail, excessive mold growth, and even ozone hole. But these theories disproved itself “creators”, the complexity and sophistication of pictograms that were certainly not the work of nature. Another such theory was that these figures were the work of man himself.

But that person can bend dry grain so that it did not break and to grow further? You can create a human hand in one night more than 700 patterns are hundreds of kilometers apart? One can reduce the radiation to 0 (zero) compared to normal surroundings?

Why this corn had no taste when baked bread from it? The number of people directly encourages the search for extraterrestrial its cause and therefore started to look for their meaning. Some witnesses claim that when they arise saw lights in the sky and heard a strange noise. People can explain the cause of all sorts. Some believe that the predictions of cosmic phenomena, such as the arrival of comets, which are actually here and there when incurred discovered. Others believe that it is a work of aliens who are trying to communicate dreams, contact. But it would not be stupid, if it is about trying?

I think this topic will be open until someone appears who says “I know it was!”, He says “how ?, why?” And he did not at all straight.




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