KGB alien mummy found in Egypt! VIDEO.

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In 1961 he launched the Russian KGB top-secret project codenamed “Project ISIS”. The aim of the project was to obtain alien technology. The project culminated in the discovery of 13,000-year-old alien body in Giza (Egypt).

At the beginning of the Cold War, Russian military officials feared that the US gained a tactical advantage through reverse engineering of alien technology obtained probably due to incidents like Roswell example (not the only case). KGB therefore seek possible archaeological site, where we can get some alien artifacts.

One of these sites were sites in Egypt, on the plateau of Giza. Their finding was based on an old legend about the landing of extraterrestrial visitor that there should be a tomb.

Reportedly, two Bedouin managed to accidentally stumble upon an archaeological site, which was subsequently also found in the tomb with the mummy.
There is no doubt that a small group of Russian scientists, including soldiers appeared in Egypt in 1961 tomb. Unfortunately, there are clear about what they found in the sarcophagus discovered. According to some sources, the KGB allegedly found the remains of an alien.
Russian-Egyptian expedition also discovered a number of special artifacts. It was reportedly taken to the 15 boxes of things that were taken away from the tomb.

The hieroglyphic inscriptions discovered was recognized prophecies return unknown winged god. The area was also detected an unknown force that it apparently should safeguard: During the ongoing research identified an unknown pulsating force that came from the surrounding walls. Its source and especially the presence of scientists could not explain.
According to Egyptian mythology, the first dynasty began god named Osiris, who descended to Earth in a flying boat. Is it meant landing alien ship? And if so, found during Project ISIS body of a god-alien?

We condemn the whole story into a world of fantasy and utter fiction. There is a video that should come precisely from the KGB archives:
We should add that recent genetic studies under the auspices of Zahi Hawass revealed an unknown genetic sequence with the family around Akhenaten. This is in addition to him about his wife, one of the daughters, alleged grandmother and his son Tutankhamen. Additionally, Akhenaten and Tutankhamun are clearly elongated skull, which is also seen in the case of Akhenaten and the drawings and statues.

So although we may question the authenticity of the ISIS project itself, the fact remains that the ancient Egyptians themselves clearly tells us that at the beginning of time, the gods ruled the world – those who came from the stars.



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